About Logo Hey! Welcome to The Navy Bookcase, a blog that covers a whole lot of everything. It’s more fitting to consider this blog a “bookcase” of sorts…the title makes more sense that way. I have the best intentions of posting about my life and things that interest me like books, television, writing, cooking, projects, fitness, or just photos of my friends and shenanigans around Raleigh. However, who knows where it will go? But for now, that’s the plan.

This is a blog I’ve wanted to start for way too long but constantly surrendered to the anxiety of writing my first post. Kinda silly, I know, but I came around.  So, here I am with my glass of wine ( a wonderful motivator) ready to go. The idea to start The Navy Bookcase came from my love of writing and wanting to connect with my friends and family who I don’t have the pleasure of seeing everyday.

I hope that whoever finds this blog will enjoy what they read and hopefully learn a few things to help them expand their own bookcases.



The Book-Case(y)